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Turning Unhealthy Food Into Healthy Food!

So whenever I tell someone 80% of the results from P90X are from the diet, they usually cringe. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “I try to eat healthy but I just love my junk food way too much and I can’t give it up! Plus I don’t want to eat salads and fruits all the time.” Or how about, “What if I just have a little bit of the junk food and eat healthy every once in awhile? I mean, what’s the point of doing this workout if you’re just going to ruin the whole thing with french fries anyways? Well let me just surprise you all a little, and tell you that you can turn those cravings into healthy alternatives. Let me just give you a few healthy P90X recipes.

I know you’re all thinking, “I can’t give up my pizza. I love it way to much!” Well let’s see if we can do this… How about getting a whole wheat crust, either the dough or premade, which you can usually find in the pasta aisle. Now, let’s put some sauce on it. I found the Ragu Light, which is amazing and doesn’t even taste any different from what you’re used too. Oh and who doesn’t love pepperoni? They have turkey pepperoni that tastes amazing, is half the fat and calories than normal pepperoni, and you can’t even tell the difference! Oh, and the cheese, the yummy ooey gooey cheese! We usually get Fat Free Mozzarella, which you can find in the dairy aisle. Now, who says healthy food can’t be tasty and good for you?

Another one is spaghetti. I mean how can you not love this dish? It’s cheap and tasty. Okay, now let’s get some whole wheat pasta, which definitely has much more flavor than plain old white noodles that are high in carbs and will just go straight to those love handles anyways. The whole grain noodles are considered complex carbs, and are digested more slowly and will give you so much more energy throughout the day. Oh and don’t forget the sauce, like I said above, the Ragu Light is amazing and not bad for you at all. If you’re one of those people who enjoy their parmesan cheese, they also make a fat free one of these. If you also enjoy garlic bread with your pasta, I found a healthy alternative. I take whole wheat bread, spread a little Promise Butter on it which is fat free, then sprinkle it with garlic powder. Now stick in the oven on 350 degrees for about 10 minutes on each side and wah la, you have garlic toast!

Now I’m sure a lot of you are saying what if I have a sweet tooth? Well let me give you a few ideas that I use. Sugar free Jello is amazing and tastes no different than regular Jello. Add a little bit of light whipped cream and there’s a tasty dessert. OK, I’m sure a lot of you are saying, “But I want something more filling!” How about a whole wheat bagel, spread a little bit of Simply JIF Peanut Butter, light whipped cream, and some sugar free chocolate syrup, and I’m sure this will satisfy your sugar cravings! They also have sugar free pudding, and the cheesecake kind is amazing!

Now that you have some ideas, just think about all those different junk food you enjoy and think to yourself, “Now is there any way I can make this healthy?” and I’m sure there is!! Now you can’t keep making those excuses! Now you have some healthy P90X and Insanity recipes! Let’s start eating healthy and BRING IT with the workouts!

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