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REGISTRATION FOR THE TEAM NEXT LEVEL CHALLENGE:  Help me get to know why you want to do the Team Next Level Challenge!



*Facebook Username:______________________.

*Phone #________________________.

Do you currently own a Beachbody program? *

Please let me let me know, which one

  • No I do not
  • I own P90X
  • I own Insanity
  • I own Turbo Fire
  • I own Chalean Extreme
  • I own another Beachbody Program

*Have you tried Shakeology

  • I have never tried Shakeology
  • I have tried Shakeology, but am currently not drinking it
  • I currently have Shakeology, but am not drinking it on a regular basis
  • I drink Shakeology EVERYDAY!

*Am I currently your assigned coach on

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

* Tell me why you want to be part of this challenge group. Please be specific and truthful :)

*One of the most important aspects of my Team Next Level  Challenges, even above the weight loss, is the mental breakthroughs that occur! There are MANY ways to lose weight… but there is ONLY ONE WAY to KEEP it off… and that is by making a shift in the way you THINK about both nutrition and exercise… and MOST importantly, the way you think about YOURSELF and your potential! I’ve learned this from doing my own challenge group along with watching a tv show called Extreme Weight loss on TV. These amazing people lose weight, but their coach makes sure they have a mental break through and that’s by asking them whats holding them back.

So, my question to you is this… Where are you at currently in your life and WHY are you READY and WILLING to do what it takes to CHANGE!? *

Copy and paste this in your email or message on FB and submit to me right away! I only have room for 10 people, so if you are ready lets do this!!! Email to or Facebook

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