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Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight!

When some people start a program like P90X or Insanity they think that magic will happen and that they don’t have to do much to get results like a lot of the people who do the program get. I mean if that was the way it worked then I don’t think we would have as many overweight people in America now. Even though you are starting out with great intentions, we sometimes trip up along the way with common diet mistakes, or by not pushing yourself as hard as you should be.

Without realizing it, you could be killing your diet! I don’t know how many times I’ve heard some of the people that I coach ask me ” Why am I gaining weight if I’m following the diet?” Or ” I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.” So then I have them send me their diet and I find some things they need to fix. Now not only is your diet part of the reason you are gaining weight, but there can be other key factors that don’t help. Below I am going to give you reasons you may not be losing weight. Hope this helps some of you!

1. You’re not exercising enough- A lot of people overestimate how many calories they are burning. You will burn more calories doing a workout like Insanity, which is a higher intensity workout. Now a workout like P90X you burn a lot of calories, but not as much as if you were doing Insanity. The best way to figure out how much you are burning is by using a Heart Rate Monitor. I highly recommend the BodyBug, which is an awesome tool to use and you can use it whenever!! You wear it all day and it keeps track of your heart rate and how many calories you burn.

2.You’re not getting enough sleep- There are many regulatory hormones secreted at night and during periods while you sleep. If you have lack of sleep this could affect the proper amount of hormones getting released. If you stay up late, you have more of a chance of snacking on things that are not so good for you! You also want to keep in mind not to eat anything 2 hours before bed. Make sure you get at least 8 full hours of rest at night.

3.You’re too stressed- Studies have shown that stress can lead to weight gain, especially in middle aged women. A lot of people tend to eat when they are stressed, which I call stress eating, and most people eat unhealthy food instead of healthy food because it makes them “feel” better. I wrote a post on stress that I highly recommend you to read if this sounds like something that you may do!

4.You’re skipping meals- Now this is something I used to do all the time until Josh made me realize how bad this is for me. Not only does your body go into starvation mode, but it just isn’t healthy for you at all. This will also slow down your metabolism. Skipping meals can also lead to food cravings and overeating throughout the day.

5.You’re eating too many calories- You may be cutting back on portions, but you may still not know how many calories you are taking in. Try using or to track how many calories you are taking in. has just about every restaurant in it’s database, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to log your meal if you eat out. Also, use measuring utensils or a food scale. You can also keep a food journal to keep yourself accountable.

6.You’re drinking too many calories- Did you know one can of soda pop has between 150-200 calories in it. Drinking 3 servings daily can lead to 3,500 calories in one week, or one pound of weight you could have lost. I highly recommend just drinking water. If you are having a hard time making the transition from pop to water, most grocery stores have carbonated water that is calorie free, sugar free, and sodium free. This is so much better for your body and will help in making the switch.

7. You’re too easy on the diet and exercise- Now what I mean by this is you go to the salad bar and load up on all the great veggies, high in nutrients and vitamins, and then you go and ruin it by adding cheese, croutons, and dressing loaded with FAT. Then you think because you are eating so well you don’t have to push yourself as hard with the workouts. Or how about you do one of the P90X workouts and then you go and eat a slice of pizza, which then cancels out the whole workout you just did. It takes TOTAL commitment to the diet and workouts!

8. You’re slipping on the weekends- Weekends are easy for you to over indulge. Eating an appetizer at dinner, or maybe getting dessert can add up quickly. How about those alcoholic beverages. The problem is that whatever you eat over the weekend interferes with the whole next week. Make sure you are only taking in the amount of calories you are supposed to be taking in rather than adding an extra 1,000 calories, which cancels out any chance of weight loss and will actually add on weight.

9.You’re diet impatient- You expect to see the pounds fall off in one week. You make yourself get discouraged if you don’t see the pounds falling off right away, which leads to you giving up. Remember this isn’t going to happen overnight and it takes time for your body to adjust to the new diet you are taking in. Patience is key!

I hope some of these things may have opened your eyes and have made you realize there could be some factors causing you to gain weight rather than lose it. Another product that I used while doing P90X and Insanity and helped me to lose 35 lbs. is Shakeology. This is an amazing product and you can use it as a meal replacement. Check out my post on it under the “Nutrition” section or go to

2 Responses to “Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight!”

  1. Aaron Davis says:

    Hey Melinda, Great post here. There are several things you’ve discussed here that most people just don’t think about.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Aaron,
    So glad you enjoyed my Post!! That’s exactly why I wrote this post some people are having issues with losing weight and they don’t realize there could be other things holding them back! Thanks for commenting!!

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