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How many of us come up with reasons why we can’t workout? I always hear excuses like ” I’m too tired,” or how about ” I hurt myself,” or here’s my favorite, ” It’s too hard!” ? Well let me tell you this, all of these reasons you make up are a thing I like to call excuses. The average person these days have a case of this, which is something I learned not to long ago from a book that Coach Josh Spencer, my fiancé, brought to my attention ” The Magic of Thinking Big,” written by David J. Schwartz, has a chapter called “Cure Yourself of Excusitis, The failure Disease.” Let me tell you that this chapter has completely opened my eyes!

If you think positively then positive things will happen and vice versa. If you think negatively then guess what, yep, you guessed it, negative things will happen. I used to spend my days being very pestimistic and it just wasn’t working for me, so Josh told me I needed to read this book and I changed everything I was doing right away. When you tell yourself you’re too tired to work out, then guess what, you’re not going to do the workouts because you’ve made an excuse, and you my friend have a case of the excusitis!

Now if you don’t do something about this right away it’s just going to get worse, which believe me, isn’t healthy for you or your family and friends. Once you start making excuse,s you will keep making excuses and trust me, you’re not going to be happy! You’re going to be self conscious and always question everything! This isn’t fun at all!

I am going to give you a couple tips below that will help you cure yourself of excusitis.

1.When you say you don’t feel good, then you won’t feel good, which is going to mean you’re not going to work out! Tell yourself you feel great and you can do it!

2. If you think you’re tired then your’e going to be tired! Tell yourself it’s all in your head and push yourself!

3. Always think positively about everything. Trust me, this works! Think of the best of everything, and even when the situation may be a bad one, think of some good things that can come out of it.

Remember, don’t make excuses. Instead, think of reasons why you can do things! The more you don’t make excuses, the more success you will have! The sooner you stop making excuses, the quicker you can get rid of this disease. I am a real life example of someone who used to have excusitis and have completely changed my whole way of thinking! I am about to finish a round of P90X and just started a round of Insanity. Now if you would’ve asked me a couple of months ago when I had excusitis and was always down I would’ve been in the same boat as you. I didn’t have any confidence and was becoming such a negative person! Read this book guys and your eyes will open up so fast! Let’s stop making up excuses and make reason why we can do it. Let’s get our confidence back and feel great about everything! Bring It!

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