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P90X/Turbo Fire Hybrid

Tweet Do you ever find yourself loving two programs and just can’t decide on, which one to do?! What if I said you can have your P90X and Turbo Fire too! I was going to put cake, but since we are trying to get in better shape I thought I’d leave it out lol. Okay […]

What keeps me Motivated

Tweet I don’t know how many times a day I get asked what keeps me motivated and gets me to stick with working out and eating healthy and it’s not just one thing for me. I do a few different things to keep me motivated actually Now a lot of you may think that what […]

Words of Encouragement

Tweet Recently Josh and I had a talk about how he knows how great I am going to do with everything, but the only thing holding me back, was me. This was the start of the words of encouragement for me. To hear someone say they believe in me and know how great I can […]

Turbo Fire and Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid

Tweet Recently Josh and I were talking about the program I was doing and he asked if I considered adding in some Turbo Fire for some more intense workouts along with Brazil Butt Lift. He wasn’t saying that Brazil Butt Lift wouldn’t get me results, but that he thought  it  would get me even better […]

Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Tweet Have you ever done a workout like P90X Legs & Back or Insanity Pure Cardio, and afterwards your muscles feel like jello? Then the next day you feel like you can’t move? I mean your muscles burn and you feel like you just got hit by a baseball bat!! I’m sure you are wondering […]

Tips to Keep You Motivated!

Tweet I know at first you may be very excited to work out and you’re pumped and going at it for a couple of weeks, then the excitement subsides. You don’t feel like working out when you get off work or you’re getting bored with doing the same old thing. You might even come up […]

P90X On Vacation

Tweet I know a lot of you think that you can just slack on vacation, including exercising and eating right. It’s OK to let loose and eat bad and not work out on vacation, right? Wrong! Slacking with the diet and workouts will make you feel horrible when you get back, not to mention how […]

Importance of Stretching!

Tweet I don’t know about all of you, but I used to hate the stretching part of workouts! We hear about the importance of stretching before and after workouts to help prevent injuries, but do you actually know that you can stretch the wrong way? So before you start those stretches, keep some of these […]

Build Muscle to Lose Weight

Tweet I often hear people ask “What’s the secret to losing weight?” Most people want to know how to burn fat and lose weight in the least amount of time possible. As you all may know, there isn’t any secret or magic weight loss formula. Burning fat and losing weight efficiently boils down to one […]

Working Out With Others

Tweet I know it’s tough to stick with an exercise plan like P90X or Insanity, or even sticking to a diet plan. I know it can be tough all in all and these are huge changes in your life to be making, and getting support and encouragement is a huge plus! You all know I […]

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