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P90X/Turbo Fire Hybrid

Tweet Do you ever find yourself loving two programs and just can’t decide on, which one to do?! What if I said you can have your P90X and Turbo Fire too! I was going to put cake, but since we are trying to get in better shape I thought I’d leave it out lol. Okay […]

ChaLean Extreme-Turbo Fire Hybrid

Tweet We all have programs that we love and we all have the issue of figuring out, which one to do! Why not do a hybrid of the two? I love ChaLean Extreme and Turbo Fire, so I decided to do a hybrid of  the two.  Now I’m sure a lot of  you are thinking […]

Turbo Fire and Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid

Tweet Recently Josh and I were talking about the program I was doing and he asked if I considered adding in some Turbo Fire for some more intense workouts along with Brazil Butt Lift. He wasn’t saying that Brazil Butt Lift wouldn’t get me results, but that he thought  it  would get me even better […]

Turbo Fire Results

Tweet A lot of you may wonder what program would be best for you. And everyone is different. I for one absolutely love Turbo Fire and I’ve gotten great Turbo Fire Results. I know everyone is different and may have different idea’s on what kind of program is best for you and if a program […]

Turbo Fire Review

Tweet Who doesn’t love to dance?  I mean I absolutely love it and to find a workout that has dancing involved and helps you burn calories, now that is my kind of workout!! When I first asked Josh if I could order the program after I finished P90X and Insanity he said “Of course!” I […]

Healthy Turbo Fire Recipes!

Tweet Recently I asked some of you to give me some unhealthy foods, you would like for me to try and make healthy and I am going to do just that!! Some of these were tough, but guess what I did it! I’m pretty excited about some of these and I hope you will love […]

Updated TurboFire Review

Tweet As you all may know, I’ve been doing Turbo Fire for the last 3 weeks now, and it has been the best 3 weeks of any workout I’ve done so far! Not because it’s better than P90X or Insanity, but because it’s a workout that I enjoy doing. The music is awesome and really […]


Tweet For those of you who haven’t heard, the TurboFire Workout by Chalene Johnson was just released today! It’s now available on this site, and you can learn more about it by clicking below! I also have the TurboFire Deluxe Package available on this site as well! It comes with 5 extra workouts, a months’ […]

Turbo Fire

Tweet For all of us ladies out there, get ready for Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson! Even though the program has not yet been released to the public, my fiance and coach, Josh Spencer, got the chance to experience the Turbo Fire workouts for the first time while out at the Coach’s Summit in L.A. […]