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Join a Challenge Group

Tweet Recently I have formed a few Beachbody Challenge Groups and they have been a hit! I now want to share this with all of you, because I feel like this could be exactly what you need to get you the results you are looking for. Now there are a few things you will need […]

P90X/Turbo Fire Hybrid

Tweet Do you ever find yourself loving two programs and just can’t decide on, which one to do?! What if I said you can have your P90X and Turbo Fire too! I was going to put cake, but since we are trying to get in better shape I thought I’d leave it out lol. Okay […]

Teresa’s Insanity and P90X Results

Tweet If you are someone who thinks you are too old to do a Beachbody program like Insanity or P90X, just let me say boy are you wrong. Not only are you hurting yourself, but you are also making excuses!  It’s sad to look around and see all of the people out of shape and […]

How to be More Confident

Tweet Being confident in yourself  is either something you are taught an early age or is something you have to learn how to build on your own. And in my case it is something I had to learn how to build on my own. Well with the help of my fiance, his family, and myself […]

Terry’s Updated P90X Results

Tweet Recently Josh’s dad posted his updated P90X Results after one year of doing the program! Now let me tell you his results are phenomenal and amazing at the same time!! This is a 50 year old man who is ripped and all because he was willing to commit 100% to the diet and the […]

Starting an exercise program

Tweet So you’ve been watching the Beachbody infomercials and now you are thinking about actually starting an exercise program! But, where do you even begin? Is it really as simple as popping the dvd into the dvd player and just start moving? Yes, it actually is! I still remember my first time popping in P90X […]

Beachbody Coaching

Tweet As you all may already know Josh and I are full time Beachbody Coaches. I am a Diamond Coach and Josh is a 9 star diamond coach. Let me just start off by saying this wasn’t an easy process and has taken hard work and dedication! Back in 2009 when Josh and I had […]

Josh Spencer’s P90X Transformation

Tweet Josh Spencer, my fiance, had absolutely AMAZING results with P90X! Here is a video of his P90X transformation. Check out his P90X Review and other great tips on his site! If you’re interested in trying out P90X for yourself, click below!

Some More Healthy P90X Recipes!

Tweet Alright, I know you are all curious about when I’m going to add more of your favorite recipes to the site and today is the day!! I know you are so excited you can hardly sit in your seat! You want to throw your apron on and get to cooking! At least that’s how […]

Chicken Recipes for P90X

Tweet If you’re doing a workout like P90X, Insanity, Tubo Fire, or even Brazil Butt Lift, we all know that the diet is a huge part of getting results! So, the number one meat that all of these workouts have for you to eat is what? Yep chicken, and if you are like me eating […]

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