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Updated Grocery List

Tweet We all know how tough it is to figure out the proper things to buy while doing Beachbody programs!! Of course we all love the sugar coated cereals and donuts galore, but in all seriousness we know it’s not the proper foods out bodies need when trying to get into the best shape of […]

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Tweet I know how overwhelmed you can feel when entering the grocery store! Between all the people, kids crying, and all of the choices it’s tough enough to stick with your grocery list!! I mean where do you even start? So I am going to give you some healthy grocery shopping tips for each section […]

Healthy Snacking

Tweet We all know it’s super important to eat breakfast,lunch, and dinner. But, it is sometimes tough for us to find Healthy Snacking ideas. So what I am going to do is give you some ideas for snacks after breakfast and before lunch. Snacks for before and after your workouts. None of these are hard […]

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

Tweet Recently Josh was on the Team Beachbody Club membership site that gives you delicious healthy recipes and found this whole wheat pizza crust. So I decided to surprise him and make it for him to see how he liked it. Usually we just buy the already made whole wheat Boboli Pizza crust and it’s […]

Healthy Cookout

Tweet This past weekend it was finally nice enough outside to fire up the grill!! Which was perfect timing since we invited some friends from out of town to come and stay with us!! So how in the world to you keep it healthy, but still make it delicious and not boring? Let me just […]

Beachbody 2 Day Fast Formula

Tweet Recently I decided to try out the Beachbody 2 Day Fast Formula because I was getting asked by a lot of my customers if I knew of anyone who has tried it and if they had gotten results with using it. To my surprise I couldn’t find one person I knew who had tried […]

Time Saving Cooking

Tweet Between picking the kids up from school, soccer practice, and of course picking up the dry cleaning. There is just never enough time in the day to make that home cooked meal you are wanting so bad to make. So of course the easiest thing for you to do is stop through the fast […]

Healthy Cake Recipe

Tweet I know how tough it can be to pass on the cake when someone offers you a piece! Whether it be for a birthday or just for dessert, but what if I gave you a recipe that you can make and have your cake and eat it too! Recently one of Josh’s and my […]

How to Cut Calories

Tweet You think that you have eaten the right amount of calories, and there is no way you have gone over your limit and then you log them into something like myfitnesspal to find you’ve gone way over and you’re just not sure where you’ve gone wrong or what you should be doing differently. So […]

How to Stop Snacking

How to Stop Snacking

Tweet Do you find yourself getting bored and the only thing you can think of to do is start snacking on some chips,candy, or pretty much anything you can find? I use to be really bad at this and found myself eating when I wasn’t even hungry. So the question is how in the world […]

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