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P90X2 Week 1

As some of you may know I am doing P90X2 right now! I am on day 5 and let me just say “WOW” This program is legit! If you have stumbled across a plateau and are looking for something new and awesome you want to do this program!! Here is what my Week 1 has looked like thus far.

Day 1:X2 Core- This workout may seem simple, but trust me it’s not :) I found that my core isn’t as strong as I thought it was and using the balance ball is a little tough. The great thing is you can do modified versions if you aren’t comfortable with using it right away. Of course I had to do my best and use it.

Day 2: Plyocide- Now for those of you who have done P90X you may think this workout will be a lot like plyometrics….WRONG!! It actually is nothing like it and crazy how it gets you working on your jumping skills!! I found this to be very tough, but doable!

Day 3: Recovery and Mobility- You will be so thankful for this one! Tony gives you 20 minutes on the foam roller to work out all those sore muscles. You will find yourself looser and a lot less sore!! Not to mention all the stretching he does to get you ready for Day 4!!

Day 4: Total Body and X2 Ab ripper- I was a little nervous for this workout and I’m glad I got myself mentally ready for this one! There are a ton of shoulder workouts, pull ups, and pushups. I actually found this one very challenging and I know as I do it more and more I’ll get better at it. So you do 12 moves the first round and then the same 12 moves the 2nd round be ready to use your WHOLE BODY!! Then after you finish this one you aren’t done it goes right into X2 Ab ripper!  All new moves, so be ready to try some new and crazy ab workouts :)

Day 5: Yoga X- This workout is up next for me so stay tuned for my next post, which will have Yoga and Balance plus Power :) Almost done with Week 1 and I check my weight this morning and I’m already down 3 pounds!!!

If you are interested in P90X2 or have it and want me to be your coach, feel free to email me at

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