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Browsing » April 2011

Turbo Fire Review

Tweet Who doesn’t love to dance?  I mean I absolutely love it and to find a workout that has dancing involved and helps you burn calories, now that is my kind of workout!! When I first asked Josh if I could order the program after I finished P90X and Insanity he said “Of course!” I […]

Asylum Speed and Agility

Tweet If you are an Insanity graduate and looking for something to kick it up a notch let me tell you, this is for sure the program you are looking for!! I was actually a bit nervous when I received my signed copy from Beachbody, I heard it was going to be insane and definitely […]

Josh Spencer’s P90X Transformation

Tweet Josh Spencer, my fiance, had absolutely AMAZING results with P90X! Here is a video of his P90X transformation. Check out his P90X Review and other great tips on his site! If you’re interested in trying out P90X for yourself, click below!

Shakeology Sample

Tweet A lot of you already know, but if it wasn’t for Shakeology, I probably wouldn’t have lost my weight so quickly! Not saying that Beachbody’s programs aren’t enough to get you results, but I’m positive that I wouldn’t have gotten as quick of results than what I did by combining P90X and Shakeology. So […]

Best Healthy Snack

Tweet You’ve just finished a great workout and you are ready to put something into your body. Do you reach for the doughnuts that your neighbors sent over or do you look in the fridge and find something to replenish your body? What is the Best Healthy Snack that you can put into your body? […]

Beachbody 2 Day Fast Formula

Tweet Recently I decided to try out the Beachbody 2 Day Fast Formula because I was getting asked by a lot of my customers if I knew of anyone who has tried it and if they had gotten results with using it. To my surprise I couldn’t find one person I knew who had tried […]

Healthy Pizza Recipes

Tweet Recently I had Josh ask me if I could make a pizza with advocado and artichoke hearts. So I said I would see what I could do. His birthday was on Friday so I made it just for him and some of our close friends on Saturday and to my amazement it was a […]

Grocery Shopping Tips

Tweet Although I have a grocery list on my website for you all to see, there may be some items that you get that I don’t have on my list and you have no idea how to decide on, which item to pick and how to decide if it’s the right choice for you and […]

A New Diet

Tweet Recently I told some of you that I was trying out a new diet one of my good friends has given to me and I would let you know if it works and well guys, obviously it works since I am now posting a new diet for you all to try. One thing I […]

Healthy Chicken Sandwiches

Tweet Recently while sitting at the breakfast table with Josh, I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said”I was thinking about this and thought of a chicken Parmesan sandwich.” How good does that sound? Not only do you get chicken and cheese, but you also get pasta sauce! So I decided I […]