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Browsing » June 2010

Healthy Fast Food Options

Tweet I know some of you may just have no other option but to eat out, quite possible a Fast Food restaurant, and I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “What should I eat?” I’m not sure if you knew this or not, but a lot of fast food restaurants have nutrition guides if you request […]

Shakeology Cleanse

Tweet I know some of you are wondering what in the world the Shakeology Cleanse is and how does it work. So I have done some research on it for you and I will let you know exactly what you have to do and exactly what you need to eat throughout the day! The Shakeology […]


Tweet For those of you who haven’t heard, the TurboFire Workout by Chalene Johnson was just released today! It’s now available on this site, and you can learn more about it by clicking below! I also have the TurboFire Deluxe Package available on this site as well! It comes with 5 extra workouts, a months’ […]

P90X VS Insanity

Tweet Alright, as you all may know I’ve done a Round of P90X and am now in my 3rd week of Insanity, and I’m sure you are wondering how I feel about each one and which one I would recommend for you. Below I am going to tell a little about each one and then […]

P90X Recovery Formula Review

Tweet So I’m sure a lot of you wonder if you should get the Results and Recovery formula and why it is so important. At first, I didn’t understand why it was so important to drink or have any type of recovery formula after a workout until Josh brought it to my attention and helped […]

Week 2 Insanity Review

Tweet So, I’m sure you have all read that I have begun Insanity! Josh, Greg, and I have been doing this now for the past 2 weeks and this second week we’ve decided to step up our game and jump right into the Max part of the program. Below you will read my Insanity Review […]

More Healthy P90X Recipes!

Tweet I know you all have been anticipating more healthy recipes that Coach Josh Spencer and I use every day! The time is finally here and I am going to post some more very enjoyable chicken and a couple other recipes we use! These are some P90X recipes that you can use to maintain a […]

Importance of Stretching!

Tweet I don’t know about all of you, but I used to hate the stretching part of workouts! We hear about the importance of stretching before and after workouts to help prevent injuries, but do you actually know that you can stretch the wrong way? So before you start those stretches, keep some of these […]

Build Muscle to Lose Weight

Tweet I often hear people ask “What’s the secret to losing weight?” Most people want to know how to burn fat and lose weight in the least amount of time possible. As you all may know, there isn’t any secret or magic weight loss formula. Burning fat and losing weight efficiently boils down to one […]

Beachbody Supplements

Tweet Okay, I know you all may be wondering what supplements I am taking and why I choose to take them. You also may be wondering what I recommend you to take. Below I will give you a list of the supplements I am taking and some that I highly recommend, not only for women, […]

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