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Insanity Review: Day 6

Tweet Well as you all may know Coach Josh Spencer and I are doing a round of Insanity! Let me tell you this workout is intense! We are loving every second of it though. I mean I am seeing changes in my body that I never knew could happen! This work out is truly amazing. […]


Tweet No one ever said losing weight was going to be a piece of cake or that you could just do the work outs and eat like crap. NO, it takes DEDICATION! Does anyone even know the definition or meaning of dedication? Well let me tell you, it means devoting or setting aside time for […]


Tweet How many of us come up with reasons why we can’t workout? I always hear excuses like ” I’m too tired,” or how about ” I hurt myself,” or here’s my favorite, ” It’s too hard!” ? Well let me tell you this, all of these reasons you make up are a thing I […]

Free Coaching!

Free Coaching!

Tweet Hi! My name is Melinda, also known as Coach Melinda or even P90X Coach Melinda, and I’m an Independent Diamond Beachbody Coach! You might know or have heard of my husband Josh Spencer, who won Top Beachbody Coach 2010 out of about 50,000+ coaches in the United States! Both of us are full time […]

Insanity Review: Day 1

Tweet So I know you all are waiting on my Day 1 Insanity Review and it’s finally here! Let me tell you this was the most intense workout I have ever done! It was INSANE! I decided that I have a love hate relationship: I hate it, but oh how I love the way I […]

Jack3d For Women

Tweet Okay how many of you ladies out there are wondering if Jack3d is just for men, or can women take it too? Let me put you all at ease and inform you that women can also take it! I actually highly recommend it and take it myself! When I first started doing P90X, I […]

Be A Coach!

Be A Coach!

Tweet Have you ever dreamed about financial independence? I don’t think there is one person that would say no to this question. Everyone wants to be able to live a comfortable life financially! What about having a job that you are passionate about and can’t wait to do every single day? Hopefully you didn’t laugh […]

Importance of Drinking Water

Tweet Now I don’t know about all of you, but who doesn’t enjoy a can of pop or a yummy fruit juice? I mean they may not seem so bad when you’re drinking them, but trust me the calories add up and they add up quickly! I know you’re thinking, “Well, what if I get […]

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Meals!

Tweet So, I know a lot of you out there are thinking, ” If I eat less or skip meals I will lose weight quicker.” Seem logical right? Well let me inform you this is not true!! I used to think the same thing until P90X Coach Josh Spencer informed me exactly what I was […]

Healthy P90X Recipes

Tweet So I’ve had a lot of people wondering if I could send them some healthy P90X recipes. So, below I am going to give you a couple of recipes that I make for Coach Josh Spencer and I. They are healthy and yummy at the same time, which you don’t see very often! So […]

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